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Hello and *high-five* for dropping by!



"Define what you have and what you want.  What's in between is the training." ~ Bob Bailey, Animal Behaviourist.


At WAGDogs, we believe dog training should be based on common sense, consistency, and mostly: FUN! We strive to make training efficient by creating enjoyable sessions for both human and dog. All our training is based on science, education, and smart research. 


People who come to us are dog-lovers who want to develop a stronger bond with their furry companion while taking care of the various common behaviour problems.   


Training, for many people, can be overwhelming and often time, frustrating.  It is important to be patient and take many breaks when training your dog.  And mostly: it is ok to ask for help.


Dogs are often misunderstood creatures.  Like all animals, they act on instinct and communicate with body signals. If we want to understand them better, we just need to observe these signals, because in the end, it all makes sense.       


At WAGDogs, our training style is a little different: we base all our training on what we like to call, our RGB:

  • Relationship (with our dog);
  • Games;
  • Behaviour (ie: Teaching your dog focus, obedience, and good manners).  


What does it mean??


We encourage our dogs to work with us so as to increase our human-canine connection and bond. We use a reward-based training to motivate dogs, especially in the early stages of learning. We do NOT work with bribes! We use motivators; we use positive experience (dogs learn by association); and we use games to lead our dogs onto the path of success!  


We train with a POSITIVE attitude to help dogs offer the behaviour we want to see, which we then reinforce and reward. Food is the first choice of reward we use in class especially in the learning stages and because of how convenient it is; however, with games, you will learn how to use other types of rewards, including life rewards.


It is essential to make sure that our dog is happy during any training sessions.  Dogs are very observant and behave the way we do.  If we are having fun while training, our dog will definitely feel our energy, and respond accordingly. At WAGDogs, you will learn how to teach your dog when to relax and when to play. 


The goal of our training is to get your dog focused and happily engaged with you no matter what the distractions are. This means having a good relationship with your dog, or be willing to work on it, or develop one.  


When your puppy or adult dog is focusing on you and working on making the right decisions, he is less likely to do unwanted behaviours (barking, jumping, etc) ... so let's reinforce the practise of these good decisions with games and rewards! 


Become your dog's best teacher: get started today! Contact  WAGDogs.


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